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‘Yishama’ comes from the hebrew word ‘יִשָּׁמַע’, which means ‘to be heard’.
The vision behind the Yishama is to create a sound sculpture
that will offer the individual a unique experience
of self exploration through sound, beat and harmony.

The encounter between Yishama and Alexandre Lora happened in a very natural and spontaneous way, during some handpan festivals in Europe, in 2017.
The friendship and harmony between both parties have been built since then, with mutual admiration and respect.
 Uniting a luthier of instruments of the highest quality and unique sound, with the particular characteristic of a handpan player that always seeks to evolve and explore to the maximum what these instruments can show.
Spreading love and peace, and making the world a better place, through the universal sound of the Handpans, is a common mission for both.
 "As an artist, I feel very honored to be part of this great team, being able to express myself and spread goodness through music, playing my Yishama’s Pantam."


                                                                             Alexandre Lora

To learn more about Yishama Pantam you are welcome to visit them at:


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